Child Proof

Ooooooh Reeeeeaaalllyyy?

Corban Pulled Up Today

Yes he did!  I was surprised.  Corban has been scooting all over the place.  He was in the boy’s room.  I went to go check on him and this is what I found.

He looked so proud of himself.  One of many first’s.  :-)  Way to go Corban.


Owen fell asleep after breakfast.

And Corban fell asleep in the same chair after lunch.

Musta been some good food.  :-)


So silly!




This was taken at the Renaissance Festival.  I like how the sun is shining through his ear.  :-)

We were waiting while Rachel was having her hair braided….. 

Where’s Evan?

There he is!



Rachel was too short to reach the top.  It’s just a ladder that goes all the way up and you’re standing on the top step.  She went up, but you couldn’t see her.  :-)


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